Plastics & Polymers

Plastic and Polymers

In our plastics & polymers category of products we have a wide range of materials in various forms and colours to suit the requirements of buyers. We can sell these products locally, regionally, and internationally.

From our municipal solid waste stream, we recover and produce the following:

» PET Clear Baled
» PET Green Baled
» HD & PP Mix Baled
» PS Baled

From our commercial and industrial waste stream, we recover the produce the following:

» Mix Plastics
» LDPE Clear Film
» PP Raffia Baled
» HDPE Blow (Gallons & Drums)
» Scrap Mattresses
» Nylon Ropes
» Plastic Pallets

» PET = Polyethylene Therephthalate
» HD = High density Polyethelene
» PP = Polypropelene
» PS = Polystyrene
» LDPE = Low density Polyethelene

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